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Hwang, B.H., and Cha, H.J., "Quantitative oligonucleotide microarray data analysis with an artificial standard probe strategy", Biosensors and Bioelectronics(ISSN 0956-5663), Vol.23(11), pp.1738-1744 Elsevier (2008.06).
Ref: Quantitative oligonucleotide microarray data analysis with an artificial standard probe strategy.pdf
Kim, D., Hwang, D.S., Kang, D.G., Kim, J.Y.H., and Cha, H.J., "Enhancement of Mussel Adhesive Protein Production in Escherichia coli by Co-expression of Bacterial Hemoglobin", Biotechnology Progress(ISSN 8756-7938), Vol.24(3), pp.663-666 ACS Publications (2008.06).
Ref: Enhancement of MAP Production in Ecoli by Co-expression of VHb.pdf
Bae, E., Lee, J.W., Hwang, B.H., Yeo, J., Yoon, J., Cha, H.J., and Choi, W., "Photocatalytic Bacterial Inactivation by Polyoxometalates", Chemosphere(ISSN 0045-6535), Vol.72(2), pp.174-181 Elsevier (2008.05).
Ref: Photocatalytic bacterial inactivation by polyoxometalates.pdf
Cha, H.J., Hwang, D.S., and Lim, S., "Development of bioadhesives from marine mussels", Biotechnology Journal(ISSN 1860-6768), Vol.3(5), pp.631-638 WILEY (2008.05).
Ref: Development of bioadhesives from marine mussels.pdf
Lee, B.K., Lee, H.Y., Kim, P., Suh, K.Y., Seo, J.H., Cha, H.J., and Kawai, T., "Stepwise Self-Assembly of a Protein Nanoarray from a Nanoimprinted Poly(Ethylene Glycol) Hydrogel", Small(ISSN 1613-6810), Vol.4(3), pp.342-348 WILEY (2008.03).
Ref: Stepwise Self-Assembly.pdf
Jung, H.J.*, Hwang, D.S.*, Wei, Q., and Cha, H.J., "Carassius auratus-originated recombinant histone H1 C-terminal peptide as gene delivery material", Biotechnology Progress(ISSN 8756-7938), Vol.24(1), pp.17-22 ACS Publications (2008.02).
Ref: histone H1 C-terminal peptide.pdf
Kim, K.R., Kim, Y.K., and Cha, H.J., "Recombinant baculovirus-based multiple protein expression platform for Drosophila S2 cell culture", Journal of Biotechnology(ISSN 0168-1656), Vol.133(1), pp.116-122 Elsevier (2008.01).
Ref: Multiple Protein Expression Platform for Drosophila S2 Insect Cells.pdf
Kim, J.Y.H., Jung, H.J., and Cha, H.J., "Universal Degenerate Oligonucleotide Primed-Polymerase Chain Reaction for Detection and Amplification of NiFe-Hydrogenase Genes", Enzyme and Microbial Technology(ISSN 0141-0229), Vol.42(1), pp.1-5 Elsevier (2007.12).
Ref: NiFe-Hydrogenase Detection and Amplification.pdf
Seo, J.H., Adachi, K., Lee, B.K., Kang, D.G., Kim, Y.K., Kim, K.R., Lee, H.Y., Kawai, T., and Cha, H.J., "Facile and Rapid Direct Gold Surface Immobilization with Controlled Orientation for Carbohydrates", Bioconjugate Chemistry(ISSN 1043-1802), Vol.18(6), pp.2197-2201 ACS Publications (2007.11).
Ref: Direct Gold Surface Immobilization.pdf
Hwang, D.S., Sim, S.B., and Cha, H.J., "Cell Adhesion Biomaterial Based on Mussel Adhesive Protein Fused with RGD Peptide", Biomaterials(ISSN 0142-9612), Vol.28(28), pp.4039-4046 Elsevier (2007.10).
Ref: RGD peptide-MAP.pdf
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